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Support Solutions

All our solutions listed below are available on an as needed basis or can be included in a customized, affordable monthly subscription plan.  Allow us to provide a quote today!


Network Solutions

Need to setup a network?  Having problems?  MyTechSS provides network setups, changes, device connections, and troubleshooting.  We've got you covered.

Endpoint Protection

No computer is 100% safe on today's internet.  But that doesn't mean that you can't lower your computer's risk of infection.  MyTechSS provides antivirus solutions to help maintain your computer's integrity.

Network Security

Does your business work with sensitive data on your network?  MyTechSS can assist in minimizing your security risks by implementing a firewall solution tailored to your needs.

Workstation Setup

If you need to setup a new computer or move to another location, MyTechSS can help.  We ensure that everything is ready to go, including connecting your printers and other peripherals.

Healthcare Systems

MyTechSS can assist with practice management, electronic medical records, and implementations.  We provide patient scheduling, appointment reminders, electronic billing, credit card processing, document management, customized templates, workflows, and more.

Server Maintenance

We can provide physical or cloud server solutions for your database, application, or terminal needs and we assist with ensuring server software and security patches are updated and maintained to avoid potential failures or downtime.

Printer Solutions

MyTechSS assists with printer installations and common troubleshooting issues that you may be experiencing.  We also offer support for scanners and other devices that are commonly connected to computers.

Backup and Recovery

MyTechSS provides automated backup and recovery solutions in the event of natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances.

Computer Optimization

We understand that your time is valuable, and slow computer speeds can have a large impact on productivity.  MyTechSS can diagnose slow speeds and tune up that system.

Computer Training

MyTechSS provides user friendly training on computer and best practice maintenance to keep your systems optimized to their fullest.

If you don't see a service listed above that you're interested in, please contact us today to find out how we can help.